Full Representation

Defending you in an IRS audit is a smart way to work with Tax Intervention because the firm’s CPA’s and Enrolled Agents match the knowledge of procedures and rules that the IRS auditor has at his or her command. A tax audit IS a contest, and what’s at stake is YOUR money.

Without the professional experience of our tax audit defense specialists, you will be at a distinct disadvantage in an audit – even if your original tax return was 100% correct in the first place. You can live with the stress and try to defend your own audit or you can let Tax Resolution’s professionals deal with the audit so you don’t have to.

An IRS audit is (very generally) all about identifying income, properly characterizing it under the tax law, and assembling the evidence that supports expenses and qualification and amount of deductions. Whether you will owe more or less tax rarely, if ever, depends on whether the auditor is “nice” or “mean.”

IRS auditors are neither; they are well-meaning public servants tasked with a job to do, principally justified by finding legal ways under ridiculously complex tax laws to get more money from you. What they do have, and you do not, is a superior ability to work within a complex set of tax rules and to accomplish their objective.

You definitely will want to hire a tax professional to work with you, but in the case of an audit, all tax professionals will not be equally good at representing you. An accountant, even a CPA, who does not defend more than a few IRS audits a year simply will not have the experience and horsepower to give you an advantage that you can get from Tax Resolution’s audit defense specialists who defend more audits in a year than the average CPA will defend in a career.